We have all kinds of purchasing consultants, ranging from strategic purchasers to purchasing directors.

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Purchasing consultants

Purchasing consultants from EFFSO are an excellent way of solving temporary needs in your purchasing department, as our purchasing knowledge guarantees that we understand your needs and can quickly supply you with the correct expertise.

Rapid delivery

If you need to temporarily reinforce your purchasing organisation, you should get in touch with us!

We can supply everything from strategic purchasers to purchasing directors at short notice. All with a solid background in purchasing.

EFFSO has a large network of consultants with a background in the purchasing field. For example, these individuals may have experience as strategic purchasers, purchasing managers or purchasing directors, while other have previously worked as management consultants. For us, it is important for our consultants to have practical experience of purchasing work and, if the role requires, of building up and developing purchasing functions. This means that our consultants can quickly familiarise themselves with the client’s business and get to work. We have everything from general purchasing consultants possessing wide-ranging skills, to specialists in fields such as IT, public procurement or contract work.

In order to offer you the right person with the right skills, we conduct a pilot study before working quickly and effectively to get somebody on site in the shortest possible time.

Rapid delivery

We promise you

  • Rapid delivery
  • The right expertise
  • Understanding and sensitivity to your needs
  • Pain-free, fast, simple start-up for the consultant
  • Rapid results from the consultant
  • Excellent value for money
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