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Recruitment Purchasing

At EFFSO, we are specialists when it comes to recruitment for purchasing organisations. Our recruitment consultants have solid experience in the purchasing field, and we know the skills and character that successful purchasing organisations need. With our experience and our unique knowledge of the sector, we can promise a good result.

Recruit with success!

Variations in performance between different organisations in the sourcing field can be explained to a large extent by factors linked to the expertise and capabilities of the people involved. This relates both to specific knowledge within purchasing as well as to the ability to interact with other parts of the company. More and more purchasing organisations now consider identifying and recruiting the right employees to be a major challenge. The competition has grown much stiffer, as many companies have realised the importance of having a purchasing organisation that performs at a high level.

Let us help you with your recruitment processes! Our large network and extensive functional expertise enable us to attract the right candidates and to support organisations in the development of their talents in a unique way. Over many years, we have helped companies in the industrial, service and trade sectors to build up and reinforce their purchasing organisations. We supply a number of solutions that ensure you can recruit the right people. Your new employees are an important part of your continued success!

We offer

  • Search assignments
  • Advertised recruitment
  • Second Opinion
  • Skills mapping

At EFFSO, we are specialists when it comes to recruitment for purchasing organisations. Our recruitment consultants have solid experience in the purchasing field, and we know the skills and character that successful purchasing organisations need. With our experience and our unique knowledge of the sector, we can promise a good result.

Strategy and working method

Our assignments begin with a review alongside the client, at which we discuss and document the purpose of the recruitment and the anticipated outcome. The process continues with a pilot study which includes a visit to the client company. During this visit, the recruitment consultant is given the opportunity to meet key individuals in order to form an understanding of the company culture, the purchasing processes, priorities and other critical factors that can influence recruitment. In order to find the right person, it is extremely important for us to know the profile we are looking for.

We then draw up a job description and a candidate profile, which are approved by the client. This includes a detailed description of the company, the role, the areas of responsibility, goals and challenges for the position. It also provides a summary of the candidate’s required experience, qualifications and skills. These key skills constitute the foundation for our continued work of identifying candidates.

Tools and expertise

Once we have pinpointed the selection criteria alongside the client, we launch our search process. This includes looking through our database and sounding out our extensive network in order to distinguish candidates with the right experience and skills. When we have identified suitable candidates and ascertained that they are interested in the position in question, we meet them for an initial interview.

Before presenting a candidate to our client, we conduct a more skills-oriented interview at which we ensure that the candidate’s skills match our client’s expectations. The client then conducts their own interviews with the candidates we have presented. Once the client has decided which candidate they want to proceed with and if necessary performed their own tests, we conduct an extensive process of checking references. Checking references ensures that the client enters into the final negotiations with the right candidate.

Goals and following up

The client must be satisfied with their choice of candidate and the candidate must be satisfied and get on well with their new employer. Once we have completed our assignment, we monitor the employed individual’s development over the first three months to ensure that the outcome was in line with the client’s expectations. We also conduct a follow-up 6 months after the candidate has started their employment.

Handling advertised recruitment

In cases where the client is interested in supplementing the search process with advertised recruitment, we naturally take care of this. We select suitable channels to advertise in, and we can both design of the content of advertisements and the layout for the various media. It goes without saying that we take care of contacts with the various newspapers and other media, such as websites, networks and magazines. We also manage all contact with the candidates who are generated through the advertisement.

Recruitment can be a time-consuming process, and if, during an ongoing recruitment process, you find that you need temporary support for your purchasing organisation, we can naturally assist with consultants.

If you want to have the assessment help in an assignment you carry out themselves, we offer second opinion.

Strategy and working method

In order to understand what you are expecting from the position in question, we first conduct a needs analysis based on the client’s conditions and the requirements of the position. In order to guarantee personal characteristics, purchasing expertise, attitudes, etc., we interview your selected candidates.

Tools and expertise

We perform personality and capability tests, and we also have a methodology for testing and verifying purchasing knowledge. We also check references for selected candidates. After this, we present our assessment of the candidates to you as our client.

Goals and following up

Our goal is to provide our client with a professional assessment of the candidate or candidates taking part in the recruitment process. We endeavour to give the client as complete a picture as possible of the candidate’s purchasing skills and personal characteristics. We are happy to test specific knowledge and skills based on our client’s wishes.

Skills mapping is conducted when there is a need to map an organisation's expertise in the field of purchasing. This often occurs when a function or organisation is undergoing a transformation, although it can also be part of the ongoing work of developing the purchasing organisation. Our skills mapping tools are based on many years' knowledge and experience of the requirements imposed on a well-functioning purchasing organisation.

Strategy and working method

When performing mapping, we start by gathering the relevant individuals’ data, such as name and e-mail address. Supplementary information such as age, organisational affiliation, title and gender may also be used for a more fundamental and dynamic analysis. Before commencing the mapping process, we determine skills profiles and a set of questions that best reflect the skills that are to be mapped. A scale is determined and objectives are laid down on this basis.

EFFSO´s skills model.

Tools and expertise

The actual mapping process primarily uses three components. A self-assessment is conducted first, in which each individual assesses their own skills. After this, the individual has to answer knowledge-based question regarding the same skills in order to assess their theoretical level of knowledge. Finally we use actual case studies, where the individual has to demonstrate how theoretical knowledge and specific skills are applied in order to analyse and resolve various problems and situations.

After mapping, an analysis is conducted that results in a clear picture of the current situation. This can be at individual level, group level or for the entire test group. Based on the current situation, a number of different activities can be linked together that jointly create the conditions for achieving the organisation’s objectives.

As EFFSO works with purchasing organisations, we possess extensive material covering purchasing-related skills, knowledge-based questions regarding purchasing theory, in addition to well developed case studies based on actual solutions to problems within purchasing organisations. Last but not least, we apply our combined experience of purchasing issues to help and guide our client to achieve their goals within the purchasing organisation.

Goals and following up

EFFSO presents the skills mapping process to the client in a clear and easily comprehensible manner, with the aid of models and pictures. We hand over our analysis to the client so that they can proceed as they see fit. EFFSO naturally helps out with new issues and challenges that may arise after skills mapping, such as recruitment and the hiring of staff.

Example of Analysis/Results.

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