Purchasing in the Real Estate & Construction sectors

We want to help you make the best deals. We make it happen thanks to a solid experience with project procurement and investments from the construction, real estate and infrastructure sectors specifically. We provide support both in specific projects or within a portfolio of projects.

We know the industry

Entreprenad is a business area within EFFSO with expertise in both procurement and construction. We are positioned between the technical consultants and the project management companies. We believe there is room for a partner from the construction industry, where procurement and supplier relationships are crucial to a project.

At EFFSO Entreprenad, we have a long standing relationship with many of the large companies within this industry. We understand therefore the challenges associated with developing effective procurement functions. Simply put, we can help property and infrastructure owners make the best deals in the construction industry.

Contact us!

Thanks to our long experience we understand the industry’s working methods, processes and needs. We are convinced that we can deliver what you want and need, and would be happy to help you with any project related to purchasing in property, infrastructure and construction activities they you may have.

Our services

1. Strategic partnering & Framework agreements

We provide support throughout the whole process, from the development of procurement strategies and concepts to the implementation and supplier relationship management.

2. Investment analysis for new constructions & Repairs and conversions (ROT)

We can analyse the potential of your portfolio of development/building rights and existing buildings as well as develop a procurement strategy and an action plan for the construction phase.

3. Sourcing & Procurement of construction services/material

Our consultants have solid experience from the construction and real estate sectors. Whether you are looking for a specialist or a generalist, we can accommodate all your needs. Our services include sourcing and procurement of construction contracts (private/public) as well as preparation and reviewing of contracts. Not to forget, our network also consists of qualified suppliers and subcontractors.

4. Procurement in large construction projects

We have a vast experience from procurement in large construction and infrastructure projects. We do everything from procurement strategies, planning and implementation. If needed, we can provide you with a complete procurement team.

5. Project & Contract Management

We can support you throughout the planning and production phases. We can also take the role of project or construction manager, most often on the constructor/builder side. Depending on the scope of the assignment, we can run construction management projects or construction contracts through partnering.

6. Search & Recruiting

Are you looking for a Project Purchaser, Procurement Manager or perhaps a Category Manager? EFFSO Entreprenad is specialised in recruiting for purchasing organisations within construction and real estate. With our experience and unique knowledge of the industry, we can ensure a positive outcome.

Residential Buildings

To developers and property owners: whether you are planning the production of new residential buildings or the repairs and conversions  of existing ones (ROT), we can analyse the potential in your portfolio of development rights or current portfolio of buildings,  develop a procurement strategy for construction and real-estates as well as an implementation plan. For a portfolio of projects, frame agreements or more developed partnerships can be viable solutions. In the production phase, our skilled project purchasers can offer you support. In addition, most of our consultants are also specialised in one or more categories, such as installation services, facades or structures. We also help contractors and subcontractors with the procurement of subcontractors and construction material.

Public & Commercial Buildings

For public and commercial buildings, we can, in the same way as for residential buildings, analyse an individual project or portfolio and propose contracting strategies. Public procurement is common in this category, and we have the knowledge of public procurement that is necessary to carry out an assignment according to existing laws and regulations. In the case of partnering, EFFSO can help you develop contracts that support collaboration, support the execution of procurement but also offer experienced partnering leaders. Like other categories, we also support contractors with procurement of subcontractors and construction material.



At EFFSO we know how to organise and implement procurement in large infrastructure projects and we have a vast network of senior procurement consultants knowledgeable within this field. We provide resource and competence support to our customer’s existing team, but we can also take responsibility for a complete procurement organisation. A large part of infrastructure is owned by the community making knowledge of public procurement (LOU/LUF) a prerequisite. Several of our consultants have experience from both contracting and public procurement. Partnering is often used in infrastructure projects and we can support a project with purchasing activities in all phases. We can also carry out feasibility studies for large infrastructure projects.