Purchasing in construction and real-estate

We can help you with all kinds of services related to purchasing in the construction, real-estate and infrastructure industries.

Construction purchasing services

EFFSO Entreprenad is a business area focusing on expertise within both procurement and construction. Our niche lies between the technical consultants and the project management companies. We can see that there is room for a partner from “the business”, where procurement and supplier relationships are more central to a project. At EFFSO Entreprenad we have long experience of working with many of the major businesses within these areas and we therefore understand the challenges associated with developing effective purchasing functions in these companies. We help property and infrastructure owners to make the best deals in the construction industry.

We are convinced that we, thanks to our long experience, understand the working methods, processes and needs of the industry and that we can deliver what you want and need. We would therefore be happy to help you with any project related to purchasing in property, infrastructure and construction activities.

Recruitment and Consultants

Recruitment – Are you looking for a Project Purchaser, Procurement Officer or perhaps a Category Purchaser? At EFFSO Entreprenad we specialise in recruiting for purchasing organisations in the building and construction industry. We have solid experience in the purchasing field and we know what expertise and personal traits that are required in a successful purchasing organisation. When you are looking for skilled people for your organisation, we understand your needs as the client. With our experience and unique knowledge of the industry, we can guarantee you a good outcome.

Purchasing consultants – Our consultants have extensive experience from the construction industry. Whether you are looking for a specialist or a generalist within the field, we can accommodate the needs of your unique organisation. We can also see to it that you get access to a resource right away.

Purchasing as a Service

Our combined expertise is substantial and we have experts within many different purchasing categories. We can help with anything from administrative regulations and purchasing templates for a unique project to carrying out entire procurements or all the purchases defined in a project procurement schedule. You buy this as a service and pay a set price. When you utilise Purchasing as a Service, you get the chance to utilise EFFSO’s processes, methods and purchasing tools, which have been developed and tested over time, and you also get access to our collective category expertise. We can of course also work according to the client’s own processes and methods, if preferred. We help clients from both the private and public sectors.

Project Management

Construction Management and Project Management – We are happy to help out clients with other services outside of construction procurement. We can help construction contractors with project management or get involved in all the phases of a project. We can accompany you from planning to production phase, and we can take the role of project or construction manager, most often on the purchaser side. Based on the purchaser’s wishes and benefiting from a large supplier network, we can run construction management projects or construction contracts through partnering. We provide Construction Managers, Project Managers, Installation Coordinators, Purchaser Representatives and more.