Purchasing as a Service

Lower your costs and increase your efficiency by outsourcing parts of your purchasing function.  Our knowledge and methodology is guaranteed to lead to savings for you.

Lower your costs and increase your efficiency

For ten years, EFFSO has been working to improve purchasing of indirect materials. You now have a chance to benefit from our experience. By entering a partnership with EFFSO, you gain access to the knowledge, tools and experts we have on hand to optimise purchasing of indirect materials and services.

We work with complete transparency and you will make all the important decisions, like which types of improvement to focus on and which suppliers may be involved. Even if the work is carried out by external resources, you will maintain full control. We are so convinced that our way of working is the best that we are happy to condition part of our remuneration on achieved efficiency objectives, limiting your level of risk.

We deliver a complete solution consisting of one of the best tools on the market for indirect materials, all of EFFSO’s accumulated knowledge within the different categories and our skilled employees who are trained in the management of purchasing processes and change management with a factual approach.

Frequently asked questions

1. What makes you unique within this field?

We have a well-developed methodology and tools for this type of work. All of our staff is trained in our methodology, which has been developed over 10 years. We manage several projects within the indirect categories each year. This creates economies of scale and has allowed us to build a solid expertise within each category.

2. Is there any risk of us losing control or of you drafting cheap contracts that do not suit us?

No, this is not something you need to worry about. All processes that we manage are firmly based in the organisation and you still make all the important decisions. In addition, a large part of our remuneration is conditioned upon realised improvements, which means that the most important factor for us is that the solutions we come up with are actually used.

3. What can you promise us?

A quick transition from reactive to proactive purchasing and a ROI of 3–5 times the money.

4. How much do I as the client have to get involved in the day-to-day work?

We work independently so that you only need to brief us on your needs and decode on which solutions are to be implemented.

5. How can you achieve change when you, as consultants, are not part of our organisation?

We will have a long-term presence with your organisation to ensure that the savings we have identified and implemented are also realised.

6. What else can I expect?

We leave behind a very good structure and follow-up of your supplier contracts.


We have incomparable knowledge

We have a 100% focus on purchasing and outstanding knowledge of all parts of this area. We have a profound knowledge of both indirect and direct materials, and not to mention spend analysis. This profound knowledge spans across all types of categories and our broad intellectual capital is based on a well conceived set of tools, templates and methods.

We create lasting results

At EFFSO we are “doers” and specialists. We work together with you as a team to actually get the job done and get results. We enjoy a good relationship with our clients and would like to build a long-term relationship with you to ensure lasting results and a continuous influx of expert knowledge. We can help you find the right tools so that your organisation can handle all the improvements and changes over time.

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We deliver a better financial outcome

We deliver credible, realised savings and ensure that you get the best possible yield from the hours spent. We deliver a start business case with a focus on ROI and charges that are directly tied to results. Our joint focus on financial results and on knowledge transfer and development in your purchasing team delivers a lasting effect.

We promise you

  • Painless, quick and easy start-up
  • The right competence
  • Understanding and responsiveness to your needs
  • Great value for money
  • A long-term partner