Purchasing & supply chain consultants

We are the largest purchasing consultancy in the Nordic countries. Our consultants are confident and bring their own extensive knowledge to work within your systems and processes or to help you develop your methods. Tell us what you need and we will find you the right fit!

Quick access to purchasing consultants

EFFSO uses a combination of employed consultants and a consultancy network to always have the right people on hand. Make a request! There are no strings attached, and we promise to quickly get back to you with a proposal.

Our consultants have experience from line roles in various organisations, for example as category managers, strategic sourcing managers, supply chain managers, purchasing executives and procurement officers. Some of them also have prior experience working as management consultants. For us, the most important thing is for our consultants to share EFFSO’s values. They also have practical experience of purchasing and the ability, if needed, to build and develop different purchasing functions. This makes our consultants capable of quickly understanding the client’s operation and start working right away. We have everything from generalist purchasing consultants with broad skills to specialists in IT, public procurement or construction.

In order to offer you the right person with the right skills, we first find out as much as possible about the role in your organisation and then work quickly and efficiently to get a person on site in the shortest time possible.

Frequently asked questions

1. How quickly can you get me a consultant?

We always have a number of consultants on hand. We have had cases of the person starting work directly after the initial conversation with the client.

2. What type of consultants do you have?

We have everything from generalist consultants within procurement or supply chain to specialists within different areas such as IT, constrution or public procurement to name a few.

A typical EFFSO consultant is a pleasant, sociable and down to earth person who is flexible in their approach and at the same time clear in their communication. Our consultants are confident in their role and they love taking on new challenges with our clients.

3. Can I bring in a purchasing executive?

Yes you can, both full-time and part-time.

4. Do you have different types of purchasing specialists?

We have specialists with deep knowledge in certain areas (IT, public procurement, construction etc) as well as generalists with broad knowledge who can take on several different areas within a single assignment.

5. How much does a purchasing consultant cost?

We charge by the hour, and the fee varies depending on the experience and expertise of the consultant.

6. Where do you provide purchasing consultants?

We offer consultants all over the country, even in places where the appropriate expertise is perhaps unavailable at the moment. We have a good level of geographical flexibility thanks to our extensive network of consultants across Sweden. Our consultants are very mobile and can travel if necessary, but we also use modern working methods and have a large physical office in Sundbyberg, which enables effective work from a distance no matter where you are.

Examples of roles offered

  • Category purchasing manager
  • Strategic sourcing manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Tactical purchaser
  • Operative purchaser
  • Purchasing analyst
  • Purchasing project manager
  • Interim purchasing executive
  • IT purchaser
  • Investment purchaser
  • Construction purchaser
  • Management consultants specialised in procurement
  • Public procurement officer