A smart tool for spend analysis

Spendency is an excellent solution for purchasing managers who want an overview of the company’s cost trend, and category managers who want to study and structure the categories that are processed in detail. It is also a great tool for communicating within your organisation and see how your costs develop over time.

Spend analysis has never been easier

Spendency is suitable for everyone and is now used by companies and organisations within vastly divergent sectors. The reason for performing spend analysis is shared by everyone who wants to work proactively on purchasing. The method for structuring and visualising your costs is the same no matter where you are.

As Spendency is a cloud service, you do not need to install anything. It requires no integration, so it is not a major IT project. This has many advantages over time. Above all, it makes your day-to-day operations easier. The tools are the very best, and you always work with the latest version. You do not need to worry about upgrades or servers, and the system will always be accessible, wherever you are. You take data from your ERP system in accordance with instructions supplied by us. With a single login, you can access the tool immediately and from any PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Spendency is very easy to use and requires no training.

Using Spendency for spend analysis means you will always have a factual basis for strategic purchasing work. You can see and measure the effects in neutral amounts from your own data, and it is easy to share your insights with other stakeholders in your organisation. Demonstrating the tangible value that purchasing provides has never been easier.

"Before Spendency we used an Excel solution that required a great deal of manual work. That meant that we didn´t work as much with the spend as we should have. Spendency has given us the opportunity to really address our spend and we now have both control and transparency in a very smooth and efficient way." Kenneth Österman, Cheif Procurement Officer at Swedavia AB
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”We therefore always recommend creating a spend analysis based on available data first and only then to analyse the need for new order and invoice routines. This is because the benefit of an early spend analysis at the category and supplier level is very high and any decisions about new administrative routines must be made based on many more aspects than the need for follow-up.”

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