Our use of cookies

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Three different types of cookies

  • Permanent Cookies
    The first type of cookie is a file that is permanently saved on your device and is used to improve your user experience. For example, it allows us to customize the website according to your preferences, choices, and interests.
  • Session Cookies
    The second type is a so-called session cookie that is used to identify you while you visit our website. It disappears after you close your browser.
  • Third-Party Cookies
    This type of cookie is provided by a third party for conducting web analytics and traffic measurement.

How our cookies are categorized and their use

Many companies use so called marketing cookies for marketing purposes and to be able to personalize their advertisements and offers. We don’t use marketing cookies today. Should this become relevant in the future, we will update our cookie policy. We use the following cookies:

Necessary Cookies

Cookies needed to provide our basic services, e.g., to check if you can use JavaScript. Our services would not work without these cookies.

Analytics Cookies

Cookies that give us comprehensive analytical information and statistics about the website’s usage and the services we provide. They are used to analyze and improve the website and our services.

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies enable us to save settings such as language preferences. Without these types of cookies, we would not be able to tailor our services according to your preferences. These cookies are important as they are fundamental to the functioning of the services we offer and to provide you with a good user experience.

Security Cookies

Security cookies make our services and your data safe and secure by helping us detect fraud and protect your data.

If you do not want any cookies saved, you always have the option to change your settings in the browser you are using. However, disabling the storage of cookies may affect your user experience of the website.

Contact information

If you have any questions regarding our use of cookies, please feel free to contact us:


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