Get unbeatable results in purchasing!

EFFSO is the leading purchasing consultancy in the Nordics. Combining both deep and broad expertise in the field of procurement, we help big and small companies achieve unbeatable results in their purchasing activities. Whatever your challenge, we promise you concrete and tangible results.

How can we help?

We need to upgrade our category management competencies.

We tailor our purchasing training programmes to fit your needs.

Our training programmes are aimed at those who want to become experts in the category management approach. Our modular and tested purchasing training allows us to tailor a programme to fit your unique needs.

As a new purchasing manager I need to develop a plan.

Our knowledgeable consultants will help you make a winning plan for your purchasing organisation.

Each organisation is unique, and thanks to our broad expertise, structured methodology and benchmark data, we can help you  develop a plan with objectives that are adapted to your unique purchasing organisation.

I need to find skilled staff for my purchasing organisation.

I need to find skilled staff for my purchasing organisation.

We can find the right purchaser for your organisation! Our extensive network and advanced functional expertise allows us to attract the best candidates and gives us a unique ability to support organisations in the development of their talents.

I need to temporarily fill a vacancy.

A purchasing consultant from EFFSO is an excellent option when you need to fill a temporary vacancy in your purchasing department.

We have all types of purchasing consultants and specialists, and we can deploy them quickly. And if you will need to recruit, we can also offer you our recruiting services.

We need help with the management of our indirect spend.

Our Purchasing as a service will help you manage all your indirect materials.

For more than ten years, EFFSO has been working to improve the purchasing of indirect materials. By entering a partnership with EFFSO, you gain access to the knowledge, tools and expertise we have on hand to optimise the purchasing of indirect materials and services.

What is our savings potential?

Our management consultants can help you carry out a purchasing diagnosis in order to identify potential savings areas.

We carry out at least ten purchasing diagnoses every year on behalf of Swedish organisations. We have solid expertise and a large database of benchmark data to help you identify your savings potential. Our methodology is well tested and combined with our knowledgeable consultants we can promise you tangible results.

How can I simplify and/or improve our spend analyses?

Our spend analysis tool Spendency can help you, or we can set up a consultancy project.

Regardless of whether you already have a spend analysis, want to create one from scratch or have started to automate your spend analysis work, we have a solution. Our complete concepts for categorisation and spend analysis allow us to help you quickly and effectively. And our cloud-based tool Spendency makes it easy for you to automatise the process.

Maria Trulsson EFFSO
EFFSO's survey tool for competence mapping has given us a very good understanding of the competence of our purchasing organization. We now have a solid foundation for further development and continuous improvement of our ability to contribute to the company's results. Adam Hedström, Vice President Supply Chain at Valmet

Discover Spendency

Spendency was designed by people with extensive experience in purchasing and spend data management. We are passionate about delivering a system that allows users to manage their own data, is intuitive and simple to work in. And in addition is available at a price level that allows everyone to work with spend analysis in a correct way.
Spendency is aimed at companies and organisations wishing to gain control over their costs. It is an excellent solution for purchase managers who wants an overview of the company’s cost trend, and category managers who wants to study and structure the categories that are processed in detail.

Discover Spendency by watching this short video.

An interview with Robert Liljeblad from Peab

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As purchasing geeks, we at EFFSO love to highlight organisations that undergo a so-called purchasing transformation. We therefore took a deep-dive into the construction and civil engineering company Peab’s transformative journey. It’s a journey that was first started with the help of EFFSO and is now being continued by Peab’s Procurement and Supply Chain Development…

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Peab, Robert Liljeblad