We develop purchasing organisations

We are experts and specialists when it comes to purchasing, and we want our clients to become experts too. We offer our clients solutions in the fields of recruitment, training, purchasing consultants, running purchasing projects, outsourcing and system tools for purchasing.

Experts at purchasing

EFFSO are experts when it comes to purchasing, and we want our clients to become experts too. EFFSO is made up of qualified, dedicated employees, all with a background in the field of purchasing. We have a large network in the purchasing world, and when things happen in this field, we are the first to know what, how and when. We offer our clients solutions within recruitment, training, interim management, consulting and outsourcing. We also offer a Cloud-based tool for spend analysis, called “Spendency”. As we want to share our knowledge, we place a great deal of our toolbox online, free for everyone to use. EFFSO has a turnover of approximately SEK 70 million and we now have around 70 employees spread between Stockholm, Göteborg and Oslo.

We share our purchasing tools

We gather tools, models and methods in our toolbox in order to make them as accessible as possible for anyone working with purchasing. We are also happy for anyone who works with purchasing on a day-to-day basis to help develop and improve our tools, and consequently we are always open to discussions regarding exciting new methods and processes. Please feel free to read and participate in the Purchasing blog.

Our mission and vision

EFFSO are experts when it comes to purchasing and we have a burning desire to develop purchasing functions and the individuals who work in them. Our pragmatic approach, leading purchasing expertise and a desire to share our knowledge all combine to create lasting value for our clients. Through a wide range of services in the field of purchasing, we offer our clients innovative solutions, long-term business relationships and a reliable partner. We attract and mould the strongest talents in the purchasing field, as well as offering our employees considerable development opportunities and a secure workplace.

Together with our clients, we are creating the very best purchasing organisations in the Nordic region!

Spendency - An efficient purchasing tool!

You load simply your spending data and builds a category structure that suits your business. You categorize your purchasing volume through a few simple clicks. All graphs are automatically generated directly as you work.

Read more about Spendency
  • our consultants (1/6 )

    Combining category projects with the provision of training courses makes my work dynamic and challenging.


    Consultant at EFFSO

    Andreas has trained more than 200 Category Managers.

  • our consultants (2/6 )

    When you employ a fact-based approach, the purchasing work provides significant penetration and is extremely effective.


    Consultant at EFFSO

    Thanks to a solid foundation, Michel has challenged suppliers in the construction sector, both as a category manager and as a purchasing manager.

  • our consultants (3/6 )

    Running change management projects is one of the best things I know!


    Consultant at EFFSO

    In recent years, Maria has been involved in a large number of purchasing-related change management projects within companies of varying sizes, mostly with a turnover in excess of SEK 5 billion.

  • our consultants (4/6 )

    I have been involved in purchasing in the public sector for 20 years, and I am pleased to be able to contribute to the ongoing development.


    Consultant at EFFSO

    Pia has worked with public procurement ever since the Public Procurement Act came into force.

  • our consultants (5/6 )

    At EFFSO, I have been able to broaden my skills and get involved in various challenges facing many different companies.


    Consultant at EFFSO

    Arsalan has ten years' experience of purchasing, mostly in the automotive sector.

  • our consultants (6/6 )

    When I started working at EFFSO, I quickly became involved in challenging, complex projects.


    Consultant at EFFSO

    Susan joined EFFSO immediately after completing her studies in industrial economics in Lund.