Reduce your costs and increase your efficiency by outsourcing aspects of your purchasing function

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Purchasing as a Service

Purchasing as a Service with EFFSO’s help is an excellent way of switching from reactive to proactive purchasing, as our range of services, our knowledge and our methodology combine to guarantee realised savings.

853Purchasing as a Service

Strategy and working method

Some call it Business Process Outsourcing, although it is also known as Managed Services or Procurement as a Service. Whatever the name, we help you to manage all your purchasing of indirect materials.

When we take over the purchasing of indirect materials for a client, we step in with a well developed, tried and tested methodology, where we systematically identify and push through savings projects.

We develop proposals and produce decision-making data, after which you determine how various projects are to be prioritised. We will be able to realise some projects almost immediately, while others take longer to implement. The important thing is that you will see results from our work straight away, as well as recognising that we are genuinely helping to develop your purchasing work in these categories in the long term.

853Purchasing as a Service

Tools and expertise

During 10 years we have built up an in-depth expertise in each category area, in a way that is difficult to achieve within one purchasing organization. This means that we can offer you both broad and deep expertise that allows us to achieve results, together with you, that one single organization don´t have the possibility to reach. The reasons that we do this better than a single company can do depends primarily on three factors:

  1. We have economies of scale in expertise. We procure indirect categories several times each year, and practice makes perfect.
  2. Our methodology and our tools. All our delivery personnel are trained in our methodology, developed and refined over 10 years.
  3. Our personnel. With us, purchasing specialists gets the opportunity to develop and be challenged allowing them to thrive and develop in a way they cannot do when they are required to act as generalists.

We promise you:

  • Rapid change from reactive to proactive purchasing
  • An ROI of 3-5 times
  • Fast results
  • Category control intelligence
  • A stable purchasing function that looks after itself
  • The right resources and well-developed processes, tools and methodology
  • A local, flexible supplier who is easy to work with
853Purchasing as a Service

Goals and following up

  • We are only paid by our clients, and therefore have no unhealthy supplier relationships to take into consideration. We never receive any “kickbacks” from suppliers.
  • We work on our clients’ premises over the long term, ensuring that the savings we identify and implement are also realised
  • We work independently so that our clients can let go of these areas and devote their time to other things
  • If you do not already have a good structure and proper monitoring of your supplier agreements within this segment, we will provide this
  • Even if our clients have worked with these categories themselves, we know from experience that we can achieve significant results thanks to our focus and methodology.
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