Our web-based spend analysis system gives you control over your purchasing volume

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Spendency is cost-effective, easy to use and faster to get started with than any other system available on the market.

What is Spendency?

Spendency is an excellent way of keeping control over and analysing your spending, as the system is easy to use, quick to install and does not require any prior knowledge.

Spendency is an intuitive drag-n-drop tool. You simply enter your own spending data and the system helps you to check and group it. The analysis is presented rapidly via the visual interface. You can view your data using various time scales, such as year, quarter and month, compare with previous periods and switch continually between category, supplier or transaction view.

By following up your spending with Spendency, you always have a fact-based foundation for your strategic purchasing work. You can see and measure the effects in neutral amounts from your own data, and it is easy to share your insights with other stakeholders in your organisation. Demonstrating the tangible value that purchasing provides has never been easier!



What is Spendency?

We promise you

  • Full control and overview of your spending
  • A simple system with a clear user interface
  • Simple checking, analysis and following up
  • Fast, smooth installation
  • Full control and ownership of your own data
  • Easy, clear analyses
  • A very secure system
  • A complete solution that is ready to use straight away
  • Continual updates

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We promise you

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