Management Consulting

Our management consultants combine expertise in purchasing and an analytical approach with a structured methodology for managing projects and change. We constantly take on new challenges and strive to inspire our clients to achieve concrete results that really make a difference.

Project and change management in purchasing

We are driven and motivated by our desire to create long-lasting results, and we support our clients in everything from managing individual category projects to coordinating large transformations of purchasing functions involving hundreds of employees. We have experience from a wide range of industries in the private as well as the public sector.

When working with you, our customer, our suggested first step would be to carry out a feasibility study. This will help us to identify the potential savings and development possibilities in your particular organisation with your unique conditions.

The insights we get through our client projects are continuously brought back to our joint knowledge bank, so that each project leads to development and continuous improvement.

Frequently asked questions

1. Can you help us change our processes, organisation and ways of working?

Yes, we have extensive experience of helping companies develop their processes, methods and ways of working in the purchasing field. This work often begins with a purchasing diagnosis.

2. There are potential savings in most of our categories, how do we realise them?

In most cases, the savings are realised through structured and methodical category management work. Our consultants can help you manage this type of project.

3. Can you help us introduce a structured and fact-based way of working?

Yes, our model is based on a combination of projects managed according to our methodology, and the coaching and training of your staff to ensure that structured processes become embedded.

4. What is your payment model?

We charge an hourly rate for our work. In clearly defined projects, we may also create models in which we share the risk with our client.

5. We have a well-developed purchasing organisation, what could you add?

In our experience, most purchasing organisations can perform even better, and this is where we come in.

6. Do you also have expertise within direct materials?

The definition of direct materials varies from one organisation to another. When it comes to classic categories, such as raw materials, electrical components or other categories linked to production, we have solid experience in these areas.

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